About Icarus

Icarus was first conceptualized during the summer of 2017 when Mark created a unique locomotion prototype for the HTC Vive demonstrating lean motion tracking. Players controlled a jetpack by throttling their controllers and leaning in the direction of flight.

In September 2017, Mark invited me to join his team for the USC Games’s Intermediate Game Development course, and we set out to design a game where players can experience awe and vertigo as they fly through an epic battle arena. He tackled multiplayer VR networking to support the free-for-all four player game, and I designed the stage — a deteriorating Gothic cathedral within a cavernous space.

Creating a game feel that matched our experience goals of fast-paced, reactive gladiatorial action was no easy feat. Throughout the last three months, Mark and I iterated on multiple different game modes and tested the game with over a hundred playtesters until we decided on a mix of a deathmatch and objective capture mode. Players can choose exciting weapons and flight patterns for combat as well as a variety of power-ups to enhance gameplay.

Feel free to watch the trailer for the current version of the game!

As we continue to develop the game, we plan on adding more game modes, more warriors (with distinct primary and secondary weapons), and more maps! We are excited to continue creating a game that is exhilarating to both watch and play.

Author: Audrey, former Icarus designer turned Lead Producer